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Boston Lobster

Boston lobsters grow particularly slowly because they live in cold waters. A Boston lobster is about 7-10 pounds (about 453g), and a 7-pound Boston lobster is equivalent to growing for nearly a hundred years, so it is known as the "hundred years of lobster." The black-and-green Boston lobster is characterized by a pair of large lobster pliers. The tongs are too thick and the meat is thicker. In contrast, the shrimp body is not creamy, but the meat is tender and delicate. It is very different from the Australian lobster. Boil, charcoal or white wine can be cooked.


snow crab

Snow crabs are also known as cobbler crabs and queen crabs. The snow crabs living in the Alaska waters are larger in size, long in length and full in flesh, and the color of the crab shells is relatively soft. As it is an imported variety, in addition to the fresh snow crabs, you can also see frozen crab legs and whole snow crabs cooked and frozen in the fishing area. The main edible parts of snow crabs are crab legs and shoulder meat, so it is suitable for making dishes such as clams and grilled dishes. By the way, there are some crabs on the market called Australian snow crabs. In fact, it is not a snow crab, but a collective name for several kinds of crystal crabs made in Australia (scientific name Chak Crab).


Alaska King Crab

King crabs, also known as stone crabs or rock crabs, are the crustaceans of the stone crab family. They are not real crabs. They are mainly distributed in cold waters. Named for its huge size, it is known as the "King of the Crab". King crab belongs to deep sea crabs, with a depth of 850 meters and a living temperature of 2-5 °C. The minimum water temperature at which king crabs can survive is 1.4 degrees Celsius.


California Squid

Loligo is a genus of squid and one of the most representative and widely distributed groups of myopsid squid. Squid of genus Loligo are widely consumed by humans. The squid are attracted to the water surface with lights and captured in nets by the hundreds of thousands of tons each year. This does not threaten the genus towards extinction because of its members’ prolific breeding habits. Loligo squid are available for fishing all year round and this greatly increases their desirability for industrial fisheries. This squid, when cooked, is what is commonly called calamari.

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