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Two aquatic products in Hengsha Fishing Port have won the recommended brand of imported aquatic products in Shanghai


At the recommendation meeting of the Shanghai imported seafood spring market in 2018, the two imported aquatic products of Shanghai Hengxing Island Fishing Port Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Changxing Island Fishing Port Co., Ltd. “Shanghai Imported Aquatic Products Recommended Brand” issued by Shanghai Fisheries Industry Association.

It is reported that this recommendation will be guided by the Food Safety Supervision Department of Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the Shanghai Fisheries Office, and will be hosted by Shanghai Fisheries Industry Association and Shanghai Fishery Group Co., Ltd. Representatives from major hotels, supermarkets, stores, e-commerce platforms, aquatic products markets and relevant consulates in Shanghai in Shanghai participated. The organizers hope to further meet the needs of Shanghai residents for high-quality aquatic products through activities, continuously promote the standardized operation of the aquatic products market, promote the promotion of brand building of Shanghai seafood enterprises, and guide imported aquatic products enterprises to expand the market share of safe, high-quality and characteristic imported aquatic products and improve The economic benefits of enterprises ensure food safety.

The Hengsha Fishing Port was officially opened in 2014 and is the only national first-class fishing port in Shanghai. Shanghai Changxing Island Fishing Port Co., Ltd. won the title of “2017 National Most Influential Aquatic Products Wholesale Market” at the “2017 China Aquatic Products Brand Conference” held in September 2017. From the outside world, the Hengsha fishing port has been in a state of “not warm and hot” for several years. The citizens who go to Hengsha Fishing Port to eat seafood are not particularly numerous. But in fact, the functions of Hengsha Fishing Port are not just as simple as eating seafood.

The first fully automated salmon processing line in the country was officially completed and put into use in Shanghai Boxing Food Co., Ltd. in Changxing Hengsha Fishing Port. This set of equipment can provide 30 tons of high quality salmon products for the catering enterprises of Hengsha Fishing Port and the national salmon market every day. It is estimated that the annual output will reach 3,000 tons.

Hengsha Fishing Port integrates fishing boat shelter, material supply, fish trade, moderate processing, refrigerated storage and leisure tourism. At the beginning of planning and construction, it aims to build a “domestic first-class, world-oriented” boutique fishing port. In order to break through the limitations of traditional fishing ports that can only engage in domestic fish trade, Hengsha Fishing Port actively implements the port opening strategy, establishes bonded warehouses, and organizes the supply of goods based on international and domestic channels to ensure the variety and quality of goods and meet the hotel's water. Product consumption upgrade needs. In June 2017, 51 tons of fresh king crabs from Russia arrived at Hengsha Fishing Port, achieving a breakthrough in the import of seafood from Shanghai Port. At present, the fishing port has initially formed a direct sales supply chain for three major products: domestic chilled aquatic products, production fishery - Hengsha fishing port - domestic and foreign markets; domestic aquatic products, shallow sea base - Hengsha fishing port - city Internal and external markets; international aquatic products, offshore bases or producing countries - Hengsha fishing port - the market inside and outside the city.

With the improvement of supporting facilities and the continuous establishment of aquatic products production and processing enterprises, Hengsha Fishing Port will become an international aquatic product operation center with aquatic products wholesale market, food supermarket, processing enterprise and snack market in the future. Hengsha Fishing Port will also rely on the “1st Yangtze River” on the ecological riverside landscape with a length of 1800 meters and an area of about 90,000 square meters, giving full play to the tourism and leisure functions of the “Fisherman's Wharf” and becoming a tourist destination for more and more citizens. Ground.