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The National Aquatic Products Seminar was held in Shanghai. Imported aquatic products ranked first in the world.


Aquatic products include frozen products (including processed products), fresh and chilled. In the supply side reform, how do you view the status of frozen aquatic products? What is the development prospect of aquatic products? Recently, all members of the National Aquatic Products Alliance (Shanghai) Council and related leaders, experts and special guests held a seminar on aquatic products in Shanghai Blue Sky Hotel.

China's imported aquatic products rank first in the world, except for a few high-end aquatic products such as lobster, king crab, breaded crab, Sumei, zebrafish, elephant trunk, grass shrimp, salmon, etc., which are imported in fresh and chilled form. In 2016, the total amount of imported aquatic products in China was 4,041,500 tons, of which 2,032,100 tons were imported in the form of frozen products, accounting for 50.28% of the total imports. If the fishmeal used for feed was removed by 10.47 million tons, the proportion of frozen imports was as high as 67.86.

In the consumption of seafood, the consumption of frozen products is the main reason. Due to the reduction of offshore fishery resources in China, the offshore ban period is prolonged, and the production and consumption of chilled fish are naturally reduced. After 90 00 and 00, they become The main force of consumption, chilled fish and fresh consumption, they are too troublesome, and frozen products, many have been scratched to go to the end to go to the internal organs, after simple cleaning, you can cook, relatively chilled and live fresh, to be convenient many.

Frozen products are developed in the direction of processed products and even deep processing. As older people get older, young people are the main consumers of consumption, they need more convenient consumption. Therefore, such as ready-to-eat aquatic products, heated aquatic products, simple cooking and other aquatic products emerge in an endless stream, so, frozen products, including The consumption of processed products will become larger and larger, which is a trend.

Another direction for the consumption of aquatic products is the aquatic spree. Because aquatic products are difficult to keep fresh and have high logistics requirements, the aquatic product package is definitely the main character of aquatic products. The aquatic gift package has long been from the "old time Wang Xietang former Yan, flying into the ordinary people's home": some units have issued, but also have to go to visit relatives and friends to buy their own, the delivery of aquatic gift packages has become a fashion, but also a very affordable option .

However, the circulation of frozen products has also encountered many new problems. First, the frozen packaging of aquatic products is relatively standardized. Compared with fresh and chilled, it is most suitable for network marketing. Many large companies have invested heavily. Capital, build a B2B e-commerce platform. Second, many large foreign companies have entered the aquatic industry to integrate the entire industry chain of production and marketing, from source farming, fishing, refrigeration, processing, to terminal consumption. Third, the amount of funds needed for frozen products is much larger than that of fresh and chilled, and some large businesses have obvious capital advantages. Fourth, many small and medium-sized wholesalers in frozen products are operating low-end products. In large cities, consumers and sellers of these products have been greatly reduced due to the elimination of illegal living and illegal operations.

As a community organization directly under the China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association, it will organize and unite all member units, adopt the method of going out and coming in, and the relevant government departments of cities with high concentration of aquatic products processing, important aquatic fishing and breeding areas. The relevant chambers of commerce and associations, together with the wholesale market of the place of origin and the wholesale market of second- and third-tier consumer cities, hold a joint meeting of aquatic products processed products, providing more business opportunities for production and processing enterprises, trading companies and governing units.