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Argentine red shrimp

Argentine red shrimp is a wild shrimp in the southern part of Argentina. Its fishing area is pure and pollution-free, and its water temperature is low. Red shrimp grow naturally in this environment, rich in nutrients and fresh in taste. Argentine red shrimp will be immediately frozen to below minus 20 degrees Celsius after being washed and caught in the boat to lock the freshness and nutrients of the red shrimp. The entire storage and transportation process of red shrimp is kept below minus 20 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the red shrimp does not lose nutrients when it reaches the consumer table.

Nutrition :

Specification :

Place of origin :Argentina(阿根廷)

English name: Argentine Red Shrimp

Scientific name: Hymenopenaeus Mulleri

Origin: Argentina

Argentine Red Shrimp is wild caught in South Argentina. It lives in natural cold water with such living area makes it fresh flavor and rich nutriton.

Argentine Red Shrimp is quicked frozen at -20℃ after washing, in which method keep the fresh flavor.


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