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Alaska King Crab

King crabs, also known as stone crabs or rock crabs, are the crustaceans of the stone crab family. They are not real crabs. They are mainly distributed in cold waters. Named for its huge size, it is known as the "King of the Crab". King crab belongs to deep sea crabs, with a depth of 850 meters and a living temperature of 2-5 °C. The minimum water temperature at which king crabs can survive is 1.4 degrees Celsius.

Nutrition :

Specification :

Place of origin :Alaska.USA(美国阿拉斯加)

English name: Red King Crab

Scientific name: Paralithodes camtschaticus

Raw material origin: Alaska

King crabs are a taxon of crab-like decapod crustaceans chiefly found in cold seas. Because of their large size and the taste of their meat, many species are widely caught and sold as food, the most common being the red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus).

The red king crab, Paralithodes camtschaticus, is a very large species, sometimes reaching a carapace width of 11 in (28 cm) and a leg span of 6 ft (1.8 m). Its natural range is the Bering Sea around the Kamchatka Peninsula area, between the Aleutian Islands and St. Lawrence Island. It can now also be found in the Barents Sea and the European Arctic, where it was intentionally introduced and is now becoming a pest.

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